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As a disclaimer, Hip Hop Unplugged encourages all artists to protect their music before uploading on our site. We are in the business of helping our members reach their career goals by providing them with exposure. Please understand that our website is open to an international audience that consists of music fans, record executives, artists and many more. Your music will be heard, your videos will be seen. We are NOT responsible in anyway for potential infringement on your intellectual properties.

Copyright infringement occurs when a protected work has been copied without authorization. Keep in mind that the copied work need not be identical to the original to infringe a copyright! The legal test of infringement is "substantial similarity" - whether an ordinary observer would recognize the work as having been copied in whole or in part from the earlier one.

However, in order to take legal action against an act of infringement your copyright must be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. If you don't register your copyright and someone else claims the work as their own, you will have to somehow prove that it is actually yours. Registration avoids this burden of proof.

Here is a list of websites we recommend you check out to learn more about protecting your work and how to do it the right way.

Legal Zoom
U.S Copyright Office
Direct Legal




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